Towards a Conceptualization of Recidivism and Repetitive Behavior


  • Jens Martin Svendsen Södertörn University
  • Håkan Preiholt


Our main goal is to propose a prototype for a model in order to qualitatively vet uncontrolled behavior, foremost criminal recidivism, and we put forward the following research question (RQ): how might a prototype be constructed theorizing the process of uncontrolled repetitive behavior?  This paper is of a Conceptual design type. The conceptual design shows that each type of movement that a criminal makes has its own particularity and opportunity that cannot be repeated exactly from one event to the next. That is, the progress in an individual trajectory is dynamic in its character and cannot be reversed, here identified as Dynamic Replication rather than repeat behavior.  With this research it is probably safe to say that an individual has little knowledge of the direct outcome of a process of repetitive behavior and thus has little chance of departing from it, at least all by themself. In the criminal case, there are organizations that work in the direction of accepting a Dynamic Replication, which means an acceptance of processes in social networks but aiming to other desires and an individual mind. The prototype purports to help render clear—factor by factor, step by step, event by event, prop by prop—an individual’s entrapment through a recurrent mimicking behavior, frequently out of rational control in terms of its teleological outcome.

Author Biography

Jens Martin Svendsen, Södertörn University

Department of Social Sciences

Research assistant




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