Nature of Crime and Crime Reporting of Victims in Lagos, Nigeria

Johnson Oluwole Ayodele, Adeyinka Abideen Aderinto


Though the various effects of crime constitute its nature, these have suffered great research neglect in Nigeria. This study examined the influence of the nature of crime on reporting among victims in Lagos, Nigeria. It used quantitative and qualitative methods. Covering the three senatorial districts in Lagos, it obtained data from 948 respondents selected through a multistage sampling procedure. Quantitative data were analyzed at three levels and qualitative data were content analyzed. Findings showed more crime (52.2%) was unreported than reported (47.8%). The nature of crime is not significantly related to reporting (แตก2 p value > 0.05). The nature of crime drives reporting and urges government to include reporting education in school curriculum for a more inclusive reporting regime.

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International Journal of Criminology and Sociological Theory | ISSN : 1916-2782