Use of Electronic Media among Rural Students: A Case Study

Sumanth S Hiremath


The revolution of communication in India over the last decade is astonishing. New communication technologies, i.e. the ‘Electronic Media’ (EM), such as satellites, radio (FM), television, cell phone (mobile), computers, laptops and palmtops with internet are bringing noticeable changes leading to a huge impact on socio- cultural understandings and achieving success in its popularity among the youth of urban as well as rural area. Data for the study is collected from Kanavi Karuvina (KK) Koppa village of Belgaum district, Karnataka state. 165 respondents were selected by random sampling belonging to the age of 17 to 23 years, studying in Pre-University Course, Bachelor’s and Master’s Course. The paper relies information and statistics from primary and secondary sources. The paper reveals in the rise of cell phone activities. Particularly, the generation ‘Y’ is mobile savvy. This empirical research clearly stated that at present day situation the respondents- the youths are active and vibrant participators in using EM for their development.

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International Journal of Criminology and Sociological Theory | ISSN : 1916-2782