Child Labour and Child Rights in India

Dr. Ravikanth Babu Lamani, G.S. Venumadahava


Abstract- The children of any country are its valuable assets. No nation on the globe can ignore the responsibility to ensure the proper growth and development of the Children as the future of the country lies with them. According to the International Labour Organisation, One in eight children in the world are exposed to the worst forms of child labour which endanger children’s physical, mental health and moral well being. The situation in India is worsening. Despite hectic planning, welfare programmes, legislation, and administrative action in the past six decades, a large majority of the Indian Children continue to remain in distress & turmoil. In most families neglect them, caretakers batter them and in work-places employers sexually abuse them. Child labour continues to flourish in both rural and urban India. Though this problem of emotional, physical and sexual abuse of children is increasing in India, it has failed to capture the attention of sociologists, social workers and psychiatrists. The public and the government also are yet to recognize it as a serious problem. This paper tries to examine the nature, extent, magnitude and impact of Child labour. The paper also makes an attempt to locate the significance of Child rights & concludes with some measures from a strategic perspective to pause the increase of child labour in India.

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International Journal of Criminology and Sociological Theory | ISSN : 1916-2782