Kurt Cobain’s Suicide Note Case: Forensic Linguistic Profiling Analysis

Eva T. S. Sudjana, Nurul Fitri


Forensic linguistics is the branch of the linguistics study which investigates legal text in crime. From its point of view, forensic linguistics is really helping the court or police or law attribute in investigating criminal case. Aspects of linguistics plays important role when it deals with legal texts such as suicide note. We can use the aspects of linguistics in investigating suicide text in order to see the proposition of the victim referred to suicide, the real motives of writing that letter or reveal what are the intentions of that suicide letter by using the branch of linguistics like phonology, semantic, pragmatics, discourse approaches, etc. The data is taken from Kurt Cobain suicide note which he left before he died. The aimed of this research is to identify the genuineness of his suicide note and also to figure out the motives of the subject dealing with suicide. Furthermore, this research tends to make the authorship profiling of Kurt Cobain based on the lexical which contain negative meaning that are related to his psychological.

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International Journal of Criminology and Sociological Theory | ISSN : 1916-2782