The Training of Prison Guards: The Case of Greece


  • Panagiotis Giavrimis University of Aegean, Greece


Prison guards plays a key role in the penitentiary system and it is apparently believed that the quality of the work accomplished directly depends on the quality of the prison guard himself. The present paper aims at studying and exploring the institution of the in-service educational training of the prison officers. The sample of the present research project consists of 37 guards serving in Greek penitentiary institutions. Results shows that the guards of the Greek penitentiary institutions have not been trained in new methods or techniques either of dealing with difficult situations or of dealing with the psychological problems of the detainees. Most guards believe that they do not need training and that they can handle in other ways the daily routine in prisons. Finally, the analysis showed that guards’ educational level and years of service does not differentiate their opinion about knowledge and training their have.

Author Biography

Panagiotis Giavrimis, University of Aegean, Greece

Department of Sociology, University of Aegean, Greece, Lecturer