Full Moon Days and Crime: Is there any association?


  • Jay Karan
  • Deepak Saxena
  • Hitesh Shah


It is been reported that full moon is associated with increase in crimes. Aim of this study was to see whether there is any connection between full moon and crimes reported in medico legal register of tertiary health care centre?  All the crime related events were noted from central medico-legal register from the record section of hospital in a predesigned proforma. Crime events were compared between full moon days and non full moon days. Crimes were also compared after stratification on the basis of days of week. Events reported as frequencies. Frequencies of full moon days and non full moon days were compared by Chi-Square test.  There was no significant difference of crimes events on full moon days and non full moon days (p = 0.07). On stratification there was no difference between full moon day of week and same non full moon day of week except on Wednesday.  It was concluded that crimes events are not related with full moon days.