Penitentiary System: Criticism of Legislative Drafting Technique at Three Levels


  • Panagiotis Giavrimis University of Aegean, Greece
  • Xaris Salomidis


Both the organization of the penitentiary system -as structured within the legislative framework- and its practical implementation reflect society's representations of crime as well as perceptions of its prevention and combat. This work study will focus upon the Greek penitentiary system based on the prison officers’ views and perceptions. The sample of the present research consists of 37 guards serving in Greek penitentiary institutions. The findings of the research indicate the managerial quality of the reforms attempted in the country during the last two decades. The major problems of the penitentiary system are the following: insufficient organizational infrastructure, overcrowding of prisons, weaknesses in administrative organization and inefficient care system. Additionally, the education and training of prison officers is insufficient. State policies should aim at developing actions which will take into account both empirical data and scientific findings.

Author Biography

Panagiotis Giavrimis, University of Aegean, Greece

Department of Sociology, University of Aegean, Greece, Lecturer